Are You Trying to Recover from the ‘Doormat Syndrome’?

Do you feel like you bend over backwards to take care of your family’s every need and then get angry when you don’t feel appreciated?

How would someone know you are not a doormat?

I have a few exercises that might help to break this unhealthy habit. I’ll start with the the first one so stay tuned for more!

The next time you start to feel angry or resentful, stop and ask yourself, “What do I need?” You might not have an answer in that moment but keep asking yourself over and over again.

Anger and resentment trigger the fight/flight or freeze part of your nervous system and prepares you to run or fight, which releaes cortisol into your blood stream. This is good if you are actually facing a real threat but too much cortisol in your blood can be extremely hazardous to your health if it is being chronically released.

Asking yourself what you need is an exercise in directing your attention to something that might feel good. Eventually you will form a list that keeps getting bigger and bigger and your body will feel better and better. Magically this will lead to feeling more respected in your family.

Looking for what feels good instead of bad.

Acting like a ‘doormat’ leads to being stepped on……knowing how to fulfill your own needs leads to respect.

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