We Have Choice in Every Moment

An emotion is a physiological sensation that either feels good or bad but unless we make it a practice to turn our attention inward, it is hard to notice what we are feeling.

Gratitude is a Good Feeling

A mother I was counseling just before Christmas, Stephanie, expressed that she knew her children had a good life and were doing fine, but she couldn’t help feeling bad about the things she could not provide for them. She was comparing herself to the more affluent people in her very wealthy community. I reminded her of the gift of what she is providing. She is a very present mother with a good “connection” to her children and she could help them learn to identify and label feelings of envy.

Envy is a Bad Feeling

When I asked her to compare the feeling of envy to the feeling of gratitude, contentment and pride, she started beaming. Which one feels good and which one feels bad?

We can use our mind to choose one or the other when we take the time to focus on experiencing what we are physically feeling as a result of our thinking. It only took Stephanie five minutes to stop and tune-in to what was going on inside her head. She was then able to enjoy the rest of the Holiday season feeling good about her parenting. Where are you choosing to focus your attention today?

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