After working with families for 25 years, Leigh has found that the most effective time to assist learning and connection with our children is in the first few years of their lives, when 50% of their brains will form neural patterns that will last their entire lifetime.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the abundance of conflicting information about parenting that can be found online? Leigh offers skills, knowledge and resources that can bring confidence, clarity and joy back into parenting.

Leigh offers private sessions for parents of infants in their first year of life, as well as workshops for parents of older children. As a Certified Feldenkrais practitioner, Leigh uses touch, movement and specific interactions with infants that set up the most conducive environment for healthy motor development and whole brain integration. Leigh will introduce mindfulness-based skills that promote connection and secure attachment bonds within each family regardless of your child’s age, especially two year olds and teenagers!

Getting down on the floor with our infants or putting ourselves in the shoes of a teenager can open our eyes to the fascinating world of a child’s brain. We learn that infants are highly intelligent beings and all of their senses are working full time to find social interaction and mobility. As our children get older and we stay attuned to our own emotional states we can model love and empathy, which teaches our children self-motivation and the ability to think for themselves.

Leigh with granddaughter Emelia

Leigh with her newborn son, Nicholas in 1985

Infants love mimicking your open mouth.

Infants love mimicking your open mouth.

Leigh working with a baby in her group