Expect Tantrums

If it is time to change habitual behavior in you or your child because it’s driving you crazy, it helps to understand that nobody likes change at first, even if it improves our lives. Most children will amp up the bad behavior when a new limit is set. It is easy to get distracted from our goal when our child … Read More

“What Would Bob Do?”

I treasure this story from a mom I’ll call Grace. Self-care is a big theme in my program and most of us have a hard time justifying taking the time for ourselves. It seems especially hard for women to even have it on their list of things to do. We had spent a lot of time talking about the fear … Read More

Are You Trying to Recover from the ‘Doormat Syndrome’?

Do you feel like you bend over backwards to take care of your family’s every need and then get angry when you don’t feel appreciated? I have a few exercises that might help to break this unhealthy habit. I’ll start with the the first one so stay tuned for more! The next time you start to feel angry or resentful, … Read More

What is My Job as a Parent?

As a parent, it is common to feel we are responsible for our children and all that they do and feel in their lives, but that perspective usually gets us into trouble and doesn’t ultimately help our children. It is our job to help manage our children’s lives up until they are around ten years old. After this magical age … Read More

Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks!

The 1990s were the start of what scientists call the “neuroplasticity revolution.” We have discovered that our brains are plastic, or extremely malleable. This means, even as old dogs, we can learn new tricks. We have the ability to rise above bad habits that sabotage our higher intentions by learning how to focus our minds differently.   Haven’t we been … Read More

The Gift of Modeling Self-Care

Here’s an example of how a parent successfully accomplished her downtime while her children were around. She wanted to established a ‘silent hour’ so they would have the opportunity to learn how to just “be” with themselves as she was learning the same thing. She explained that she would be sitting/meditating in silence for an hour/half hour/ten minutes and if … Read More

Don’t Wait for Someone Else to Schedule Your Downtime

Taking that moment to stop and notice what we are feeling and thinking is key to knowing what triggers our own emotional reactions. What if – instead of feeling guilty for taking time for ourselves, we can feel proud to model what self-care looks like to our children, as well as to our spouses? Parents need down-time to unwind but … Read More

We Have Choice in Every Moment

An emotion is a physiological sensation that either feels good or bad but unless we make it a practice to turn our attention inward, it is hard to notice what we are feeling. A mother I was counseling just before Christmas, Stephanie, expressed that she knew her children had a good life and were doing fine, but she couldn’t help … Read More

Start with Feeling Your Breath

  If self-care is our primary focus we are more likely to have the energy to do our job with love. Again, this is a counter-intuitive idea, but a very important one for becoming a Loving Authority. Doesn’t it make sense to build a tower of support around the main engine so the household will run more smoothly? Our focus … Read More

What Would a Tiger Do?

Practicing self-care on a daily basis involves setting up clear boundaries that support a respectful, responsible and fun household. The time we need to practice self-care is created by the limits we set for ourselves. A close friend of mine, Marion, provided an excellent example of setting limits so she could hold on to her treasured daily workout time. I … Read More