Don’t be a prisoner of your beliefs

I’ve been listening to a teleseminar on neuroplasticity and it is fascinating. What we are learning about the brain and how to use our minds to actually change the structure of the brain will change the face of education, mental health and medicine as we know it. These scientists are calling it the Neuroplasticity Revolution. We already knew we were … Read More


I’m revising the introduction to the book I’m writing on parenting for the twentieth time because what I want to say keeps getting more clear. There is not a quick fix to becoming a loving authority. It takes time to learn how to get out of our own way. My goal is to offer the hope, information, and support that … Read More

How to work with your mind

Hi Mom, Soon I will have a recording of my voice leading you through Dan Siegels “Wheel of Awareness” meditation. You can listen to it online for now. It is an exercise in learning how to differentiate between how it feels to be in the stories on the rim of your mind versus in the present moment. It takes daily … Read More

Homework and Teens

The following is a scenario presented by a parent with my suggested response: Okay…I am e-mailing for help.  First let me say that this stuff really works!!  That being said…My freshman decided last night that he needed a day off today to “catch up” with his school work.  He walked me through the very long list of deliverables he has … Read More