Group Workshops

The fee for a 6 week parenting workshop (one and a half hours per class – 9 hours total) is:
$210. per person (or couple) with a 6 person minimum. (Sliding scale is always available)

There is also a 4 week option for $138. (6 hours total) with a 10 person minimum.

These workshops are for parents of children of any age, as well as mixed ages and can be geared to the more specific concerns of the group.

Speaking Engagements

Leigh will tailor an interactive talk specific to the needs of your community. Call for a consultation by phone about what would work best for your family or community.


Individual sessions are: $100. per hour and can be shared with other families. Private sessions are available and are specific to your families needs, including a sliding scale for payment. They can be on-going or just when needed.

To schedule private sessions, workshops, or speaking engagements:
Call Leigh at 203-247-6451 for a free consult by phone to evaluate whether I can help  (A sliding scale for fees is always possible)

Leigh is also available for private sessions in your home starting right after birth to help you and your baby adjust physically, mentally and emotionally to a whole new world. The Feldenkrais Method (Functional Integration) is a very effective way to treat any trauma you or your infant may have experienced during labor. Any age child can benefit from this method.


I know you have probably brought much needed relief to the families you work with, as you did for ours :-) You really saved our family, Leigh — so thankful to you for that.

–  Anne Goodnow, Darien, CT

I first met Leigh as a colleague in a psychology study group, where she introduced me to the Feldenkrais Method of healing. I soon became a client of hers to treat my subtle and longstanding physical muscle tensions. The experience was extremely helpful. Besides just the physical benefits of the Feldenkrais Method, part of my healing process was the interaction with Leigh herself.  She is a beautiful soul – intelligent, thoughtful, calm, and wise. Leigh also coached my daughter on how to use movement and touch to deepen her connection with my three month old grandchild . After knowing Leigh for five years in our study group and seeing her in action, I highly recommend her to parents and children of all ages.

– Amy P. Schneider, Ph.D., New York, NY

“Most of all I took away that our daughter learns best by making her own mistakes, and the best thing I can do is show loving kindness, and get out of her way. We have a wonderful relationship with her and she is doing well here. Thank you again for being there.”

— Deborah and Richard Macaluso, Rhinebeck NY


“Leigh, your teaching went well beyond parenting “quick tips.” We all have heard enough of those! What appealed to me the most were the fundamental concepts of empathy and accountability. As situations would arise, it felt so good to listen to my daughter and watch as she herself worked through her own dilemmas. Six months later, I see the positive effects of empathy in my daughters — and numerous other relationships.”

— Susie Miller, Westport CT

“It’s amazing how easy and natural your program is. We began to see a change in behavior almost immediately. It is more effective, but it’s actually easier to parent this way. Last night I felt empowered in how I handled several situations with my six children. “You had an enthusiastic set of parents at the workshop who clicked with the information and the way in which you delivered it. I really enjoyed the sense of comraderie and understanding you easily establish. I am very pleased and grateful to be taking another workshop with you. The program is that much clearer to me.”

— Laura Overton, Westport CT

The way you have chosen to teach is a very effective way to bring up kids. I truly believe that the parents who are working with you and going home and “trying it out” are finding a way to a healthier and saner life at home with babies and children. I cannot thank you enough for sharing yourself with all of us. You’re the top of the line, the cream of the crop, and the cherry on top on our collective sundaes.”

— Annie Tanner, Seattle, WA

“We really loved Leigh’s teaching. You are a great natural teacher. We learned so much that opened our eyes. We have happily recommended your training to others.”

— Rudy Hunter and George Koury, Olive Bridge, New York