Leigh Scott teaches Parenting with Insight Workshops, that offer some refreshing ways to apply what we already know as a parent with less fear and worry and get the support we need to give ourselves oxygen first!
The job of parenting starts with self-care, knowing ourselves well enough to be able to use our higher brain to model love and empathy, even when things get stressful. In Leigh’s workshops, she teaches insight, mindfulness and self-reflection skills that change unwanted patterns of behavior and strengthen emotional intelligence.  You will also learn specific techniques that change conflict into learning opportunities. When we model love and connection, our children learn emotional well-being, self-motivation and they learn to think for themselves.

Leigh’s Baby Group Workshop is a great way to provide a social world for you and your new baby. This is an on-going class for parents and babies (from 1 to 12 months). This workshop is geared to the needs of the group and will focus on self-care and playful hands-on interactions with your baby, that promote trust and improve motor development, as well as guided social interactions and healing touch between babies and parents.

Leigh is also available for private sessions in your home starting right after birth to help you and your baby adjust physically, mentally and emotionally to a whole new world. The Feldenkrais Method (Functional Integration) and (Awareness Through Movement) is a very effective way to treat any trauma you or your infant may have experienced during labor.

Call 203-247-6451 or email for upcoming events and parenting talks.

A baby in Leigh's Baby Group

A baby in Leigh’s Baby Group

Baby Group at Gatherwild Ranch (photo credit to Paul Jacobsen)

Baby Group at Gatherwild Ranch (photo credit to Paul Jacobsen)

A Dad connecting with his baby in Leigh’s Group

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Leigh’s group of very curious babies!


Secure attachment is about connection

Leigh with her six month old grandson, Ethan.

Leigh with her six month old grandson, Ethan.