“What Would Bob Do?”

I treasure this story from a mom I’ll call Grace. Self-care is a big theme in my program and most of us have a hard time justifying taking the time for ourselves. It seems especially hard for women to even have it on their list of things to do.

We had spent a lot of time talking about the fear of being seen as a selfish-bitch and how that fear makes us bend over backwards to accommodate everyone else’s needs before our own.

After taking my workshop for a few weeks Grace started to pay attention to how she could relieve herself of the guilt and fit more ‘down time’ into a very busy schedule. She noticed that her husband automatically did whatever he needed to do for himself without the shame or fear of being called selfish. He would just announce that he was off to play golf.

Good idea Bob!

He knows how to take care of himself!

Instead of this behavior making Grace angry as it had in the past, she started to take her husband’s lead. When she was at a loss for how to justify a plan to escape for awhile she would ask herself, “What would Bob do?”

The rest of us in the group laughed out loud in recognition and inspiration. Everyone gets happier when both parents are enjoying their lives! I’m sure you can think of a “Bob” in your life, so when in doubt ask, “What would Bob do?”

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