Leigh & Paul in 2012

Leigh & Paul in 2012

Leigh Scott 

Leigh is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® teacher and Practitioner as well as Certified Love & Logic Parenting facilitator. After decades of extensive study, Leigh has creatively combined her knowledge of cutting edge attachment research, social neuroscience, and the Feldenkrais Method with her life’s experience as a parent and massage therapist. This work led to Leigh’s unique workshop for parents of babies in the first year of life and beyond.

Leigh also studied sculpture, dance and the art of cooking in college and throughout her life. She is interested in creating a joyful & healthy environment for people to come learn about mindful practices that promote well-being; from what we eat, to what we think.

Paul Hallgren

Paul is not only a master of his trade, he is a brilliant designer and artisan who really cares about every detail of his work. As an art and furniture design major in college, Paul also quickly discovered that he was a natural engineer. He can see a picture of any piece of furniture or any building project and immediately know how to successfully fabricate it.

Paul’s skills with computer drawing software can provide a three dimensional preview of whatever is being designed so it can be adjusted to fit the space or the function.  Paul has a natural talent for teaching and mentoring because of his excellent listening skills and clear communication.

As entrepreneurs and business owners since 1971, Leigh and Paul separately believed in a generative business model and bringing manufacturing back to the United States. Joining forces with each other in 2010 to start Greenwich Custom Furniture (www.greenwichcustomfurniture.com), Leigh & Paul have had an opportunity to put their model of business and relationships into practice. Their goal is to create a bond with people of like mind, support each person’s unique skills and encourage their participation and investment in the success of a sustainably working community.

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