We found our land!!! We have 10 acres of beautiful land in Livingston, NY. It has a rolling topography, two year-round streams and views of the Catskill Mountains. We are just beginning to develop it for the “Living in the Hub Farm” and new photos will come with each stage.

It is our vision to have an energy efficient working farm that not only doesn’t use up valuable resources but gives energy back to the eco system and the community. We will have workshops for parents, farm to table cooking retreats, live-in permaculturists producing food, as well as apprenticeships for the trades.

We have a driveway!! The entrance to the farm!

The horse farm across the street from our land.

Daisy on a pile of felled cedar trees cleared for our house.

Setting up camp for the summer while we build a house.


Contact us today to get involved and be part of our vision!