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The name “Living in the Hub,” is a reference to one of Leigh Scott’s favorite attachment researchers, Dr. Dan Siegel. His “Wheel of Awareness” is a model for how to direct our attention towards the “hub” (present moment) in order to improve our own emotional intelligence and model it for our children.

About Leigh

Leigh is a somatic educator and parenting facilitator with more than 35 years in private practice in the Hudson Valley.
She has been a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2009 and worked as a Shiatsu massage therapist for decades before that. Working with new parents and their babies became her specialty after discovering Dan Siegel’s attachment research and social neuroscience work in 2006 as she was taking the Feldenkrais® training.
This year Leigh will begin the Child’Space® Method training that is aligned with her work and will allow her to join this international community.
The Child’Space® Method is a unique and comprehensive form of sensory education that supports babies’ development in a holistic way using touch, floor-time activities and parent education.
As a curious parent and now grandparent, Leigh studied many different parenting programs and the psychology behind them. Her favorite teachers have been Dan Siegel, Becky Bailey, Charles Fay, Beverly Stokes, Moshe Feldenkrais and Chava Shelhav.

Leigh's Work

Getting down on a comfortable mat on the floor with our infants can open our eyes to the fascinating world of a baby’s brain.
We learn that infants are highly intelligent beings and all of their senses are working full time to find social interaction and mobility.
The fastest brain development happens in the first two years and is the most malleable.
Parents can learn about the motor, social, and emotional development of their babies and therefore can affect patterns that might interfere with free movement, positive self-image and unrestricted learning into adulthood.

Private Consultations


"Without Leigh, I don't know if my husband and I would have survived our crash landing into parenthood! In each visit, she calmed our feisty baby and taught us new skills to navigate the difficult newborn weeks. I would often say to myself, "What would Leigh do?" Because of Leigh's work with our family, we were able to be more attuned to our baby's needs and help her develop and thrive."

- Sarah and Wallace Patterson and baby Rose
“We first met Leigh Scott just before our eldest son was born.
Leigh has a remarkable knowledge of infant development, especially over the first year of life and how to support this naturally unfolding ability within babies.
My husband and I refer to Leigh Scott as the baby whisperer because of her ability to connect and engage with babies.
One of the most astounding examples of this is how our newborn responded when in her arms.
He moved and stretched himself in a way we had not seen him do when we held him.
Through her face-to-face playful interactions she observes and supports babies through whatever developmental movements they are doing.
Whether our son was in her arms, on his back, belly, reaching out for a toy, learning to roll or beginning to crawl, Leigh delighted in getting down on the floor and connecting with him while giving us tips to support normal healthy movement.
We were so grateful for Leigh’s baby Feldenkrais classes and one-on-one sessions.

- Erin and Steve Davis and babies Jude, Boden & Niva
I first met Leigh as a colleague in a psychology study group, where she introduced me to the Feldenkrais Method of healing. I soon became a client of hers to treat my subtle and longstanding physical muscle tensions. The experience was extremely helpful.
Besides just the physical benefits of the Feldenkrais Method, part of my healing process was the interaction with Leigh herself.  
She is a beautiful soul – intelligent, thoughtful, calm, and wise. Leigh also coached my daughter on how to use movement and touch to deepen her connection with my three month old grandchild . After knowing Leigh for five years in our study group and seeing her in action, I highly recommend her to parents and children of all ages.

- Amy P. Schneider, Ph.D., New York, NY

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