Private Consultations

*Due to COVID-19, I am only able to offer Zoom sessions at this time therefore all sessions are reflected below at 50% off

Parents with New Baby

This is a private FaceTime or Zoom session for parents and their new baby from birth to walking. A video of your baby in motion showing whatever issue you are concerned about can be sent ahead of time or live at the time of the video call. It can also be just a developmental stage you want to learn more about. Leigh can observe your baby and offer insight and hands-on activities so that you can provide the best learning environment for your baby. Parents learn about the sensory motor, social, and emotional development of their babies and can recognize patterns that might interfere with free movement, positive self-image and unrestricted learning into adulthood.

$50 / Hour


This is a private FaceTime or Zoom session for just parents who want help with any parenting issue with any age child, whether it is discipline issues, tantrums, biting, sleep issues or to sort through confusing information about parenting and gain more confidence as a parent.

$50 / Hour

Baby Groups

*Until we are safe to be together in person again, Baby Groups are on hold